6 Reasons Why Social Media Isn’t Working

Tell me if any of these sound familiar:

“My posts aren’t being seen by anyone on Facebook.”

“My VIP group is dead.”

“No one is buying from me.”

“My Facebook page/group is not growing.”

Now I want to warn you. If these sound familiar and you are ready for a strong dose of tough love, keep reading. If not, no hard feelings.
Still here? Good.

So if any of these statements sound familiar we have a list of questions we want you to answer honestly. And don’t worry, with the dose of tough love will come some sugar, well really advice on how you can turn your business around and start moving in the right direction.


1. Do you know who your ideal client is?

It’s important to know WHO you are talking to – you want everything you do to have your ideal customer in mind. Just like finding your personal brand, defining your brand’s persona or ideal client is also very important. Defining your ideal customer profile is helpful when you’re thinking about what kind of content to create. Each time before you hit post or share, you should think back on your ideal client and ask, “Is this relevant to my ideal customer?” Once you know who you are speaking to, and how you’re speaking to them, you can frame your content around how your product or service can help.

When you develop content for your ideal customer or persona, you’ll know them so well that you’ll be able to craft content that will help them choose to buy from you. You achieve this not by posting salesy content hoping it will resonate, but by building her trust, solving her problems and connecting with her.

Here are some sample questions you can ask to find your ideal client:
– How old is she?
– Where does she live?
– Why does she buy my product/service or other products/services like mine?
– Where does she shop?
– Is she married?
– Does she have kids?
– What problem will my product solve for her?

For example, let’s say you sell books. Your ideal client is probably a mother, who cares about her child’s education and is looking for ways to educate and entertain her kids through books and activities.

2. Does your content add value to your customer’s lives?

In general, you want to create content that is consistent, relevant, timely, entertaining and most importantly content that adds value for your customer. When you do this you will get the attention of your ideal client and keep them genuinely interested in what you have to say so they will eventually buy from you.

Your job is to be the resource that your ideal customer needs in your industry (beauty, skincare, fashion, fitness, finance, etc.) When you provide your ideal client with the information that they want you will earn their trust and their purchases. So for example, instead of talking about how amazing your newest facial cleanser is, create a video that shows the proper way to wash your face. Or talk about different skin types and what kind of cleaners they should use (in general).

3. Is your content salesy?

I want you to go look at your personal page, your group, and your business page and look at your last 10 posts and answer these questions:
– How many have your company name in them?
– How many are using a generic image?
– How many are about a sale or promotion?
– How many are more about you than your customer?

Out of the last 10 posts you’ve made on your page, only two should have any of the above in them. If more you have more than that then your content is salesy and spammy and Facebook is likely penalizing you. This means Facebook is serving less of your content to your followers. Not to mention when your followers feel like they are being sold to, they likely do not find your content interesting or helpful therefore they are not interacting with you or buying from you.

This may be hard to hear and I get it. You may be listening to what others are telling you to do. BUT, I am telling you right now posting salesy and spammy content does not work. You will not succeed using this type of content. Period.

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4. What percentage of your content is about you vs. your customer?

The industry standard is to post 80 percent helpful content and 20 percent promotional content. Meaning 80 percent of your content should add value and 20 percent can be about your brand and/or promotional. People are not on Facebook to be sold to so you have to take a different approach, you need to build trust with your audience before you can sell them anything. By posting 80 percent content that is helpful and in no way promotional for your product you are going to earn that trust.

So for example, if you sell books create content that talks about what parents should expect at each stage and/or age of reading with their child and how they can work with their child in an age appropriate manner when it comes to reading.

5. Are you using original content?

How do you stand out? You only have a few seconds to “stop the scroll” and if you are using the same old images and same old content as everyone else your prospective customers are going to scroll on by. By creating original content and having a strong personal brand you will stand out from your competitors. There is no other you. You are unique and by leveraging what is unique about you, you will create loyal customers that only want to buy from you.

What you need to do is create content that no one else has – your own original images, videos, post verbiage, etc.! Your content should grab the attention of your ideal client, and stand out from what everyone else is doing. Think about how you can create your own content that addresses the wants, needs and struggles of your ideal client.

Bonus tip: We LOVE Canva for creating original designs.

6. Have you been on social media for at least six months?

This will either encourage or discourage you. I hope it will encourage you, but on average when I worked in the advertising world you would not see the fruit of your labors on social media for six months. I hate putting a number on it, but this was the average result. It could take you less time or more time, but really putting your all into your business will take at least six months to pay off on social.

It takes time for things to build. It takes time to build trust. It takes time to build a following.

It takes persistence. If you are ready to persevere, we are here to help you along the way! Join us in our private Facebook group Marketing for Mompreneurs, on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.