5 Essential Tips for Profitable Facebook Parties

5 essential tips for profitable facebook parties

While not a replacement for in-home parties, Facebook parties are a great way to supplement your income from your direct sales business. The great thing about Facebook parties is that they are easy and replicable. The average Facebook party can bring in anywhere from $200 – 500 in revenue for direct sellers BUT there are certain things you can do to make sure you book more parties that are even more profitable. Check out our 5 essential tips for profitable Facebook parties.

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Facebook Parties Tip 1: How to get bookings

You can’t host profitable Facebook parties without bookings, so this tip is all about getting those bookings! It can take you asking 10 people to get one booking. So, make a list of all the people you can ask to book a Facebook party. They could be:Past hostesses (home party or Facebook party)

– Past party attendees (home party or Facebook party)
– Friends
– Family
– Neighbors
– Co-workers
– Customers
– Swap with another direct seller
– Host your own party!

Just make sure that you are not asking any of these people without building a relationship with them first. You don’t want to be that person who friends someone on Facebook that you knew in high school and haven’t talked to in 10 years and then message them to host a party. No, no, no! Now when you ask if they say yes, you want to follow up with them right away and give them 2 or 3 dates to choose from.

Facebook Parties Tip 2: Coach your hostess

Do you know how to coach your hostess? Hostess coaching is an important part of having a successful Facebook party. Put together a welcome package for you hostess with information about the event, what to expect, messaging she can use about the party and how she should get her friends to RSVP for the party. It also helps to have your hostess on the phone while your Facebook party is happening that way you can coach her to interact and find out more information about your guests and their interests.

Facebook Parties Tip 3: Use your own images

Do not use corporate images.
Do not use content created by your upline.
It needs to be yours and yours only.

Friends don’t let friends use unoriginal content. Don’t do it!

Facebook Parties Tip 4: Maximize your profits

Do not send your party attendees off of Facebook to shop. You will lose them. Create an album of your most popular items and make it as easy as possible for your guests to order/shop though you. This may be more work for you, but it’s less work for your guests. Remember, they are probably hiding somewhere in their house shopping on their phone!

Facebook Parties Tip 5: The fortune is in the follow up

Send a handwritten thank you note to everyone that ordered from you. You should also send a handwritten thank you note to your hostess along with her incentive gift. If your hostess did an especially amazing job, send her something a little extra, like her favorite product, flowers, or a fun gift.

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