What to Post: Facebook Group vs Facebook Business Page

A question we’ve received often during our webinars and in our private groups is, “I have a personal page, a business page and a private group. What content should I be posting on each of these Facebook pages?” So you want to know what to post when it comes to posting on your Facebook Group vs Facebook Business Page.

Here’s our answer.

First, you need to think about WHO your audience is on each of these pages, WHAT kind of content they expect to see from you and WHERE they are in the sales funnel or customer journey.

Define Facebook Profile vs Facebook Group vs Facebook Business Page

Here’s a quick summary of the difference between a Facebook Group, A Facebook Page and your personal Facebook Profile:

  • A Facebook Profile is your personal page where you have “friends”. Everyone who joins Facebook gets a personal profile and you can only have ONE personal Facebook Profile.
  • A Facebook Group is a community for people who share a common interest to interact. Individuals and businesses can manage a Facebook Group.
  • A Facebook Page is a business account for a company, organization of public figure. A Facebook Page can be used to promote a business to people who opt-in by liking the Facebook Page. Facebook Page owners can also advertise on Facebook. There is no limit to how many Facebook Pages you can manage.

Okay now that we have defined Facebook Profile vs Facebook Group vs Facebook Business Page, let’s dive in to how you can use each them for your business.

What to post on your personal Facebook Profile

People are on you personal Facebook Profile to connect with you. Your personal Facebook Profile is typically your family and friends. These are your warm leads, but remember, not all of them want to buy from you AND it’s against Facebook’s Terms of Use to post content that has the intent of making you money. So no promotional posts here…well sort of.

Think about context here – meaning what kind of content do you post here on a normal basis that is NOT sales related? How can you integrate your brand into similar posts? So you likely post photos of your family, your day-to-day observations, vacations, etc. on your personal page. This is what friends and family expect to see on your personal page. They do not expect nor do they want to see salesy posts from you. So what you need to do is integrate your brand into your lifestyle posts.

For example:

• Your date night outfit featuring your latest product.
• Your kids sitting in the product box that you just received.
• A photo of you on vacation that you earned through your brand with a subtle, #thanksBrand.
• Your latest dinner feat using your product.
• Your personal before and after photos.

Do you see the theme here? Subtle references to your brand integrated into the type of lifestyle posts you would likely be posting on your personal page anyway. This is the content that your friends and family expect to see. I want you to promise us, right here, right now that you will not sell on your personal page. GO ahead, we’ll wait.

To recap the who, what and where for your personal page:

Who: Your friends and family.
What: Personal lifestyle related content.
Where: Brand awareness, consideration.

What to post in a Facebook Group

Your Facebook Group should be made up of your VIP customers – so those that have already purchased from you at some time. You’ve already done the hard work and converted these clients. So you want to retain them as customers and turn them into brand advocates. These clients are at the bottom of funnel, although your past clients will progress through the entire sales funnel time and time again.

The content you post in this group should be customer service focused. You’ve worked hard to get these clients so make sure you keep them by giving them the best customer service so they don’t want to buy from anyone else. This is also a great place to give sneak peeks and exclusive deals.

For example:

• Create exclusive deals for these customers.
• Host a Facebook Live giving them a lesson about your product or a sneak peek of new products or services.
• Use your best customers as a resource. Ask questions about your products, services, their wants, needs ,etc. These are your best customers so learn as much as you can about how to serve them better. Which will teach you how to attract and keep new customers.
• Ask how you can help them with the products that they have already purchased.

To recap, the who, what and where for your private Group:

Who: Your customers, those who have bought from you.
What: VIP, customer service oriented content.
Where: Retention, brand advocacy.

What to post on a Facebook Page

You may have a variety of people who follow your Facebook Page – family and friends, customers and then those that may have found you through Facebook Ads, an event, a friend, etc.

Your business page is about brand awareness so you want to post content that helps people get to know YOU and your product. The focus here should be value and engagement – your content needs to provide value to your potential customers and be engaging enough that they want to continue to interact with your content. Some promotion is okay on your business Page, it’s somewhat expected, but make sure it adds value and is timely, relevant and engaging.

For example:

• Show how much of your product should be used. So if you sell skincare, show how much eye cream, face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen etc. should be used.
• Create a Tasty-like video as a tutorial showing your customers how to use your product.
• Create a top 5 list that relates to your product or service.
• Show a “life hack” type of solution that relates to your product or service.
• Show some behind-the-scenes glimpses into your personal life.

To recap, the who, what, and where for your business Page:

Who: A variety of followers, remember those that may not be familiar with you or your products or services.
What: Content that helps your potential clients get to know you and your products or services.
Where: Brand awareness, consideration.

We hope this clears up the question of what kind of content you should be posting on your personal Page vs Facebook Group vs Facebook Business Page. Remember, no one wants to see salesy content on any of these pages. You should concentrate on giving your customers value no matter where they follow you or no matter where they are in the customer journey to purchase.

Facebook Groups are a powerful way to build loyalty, support your customers and to network and grow your business. Oh, and that algorithm problem? Facebook Groups are a great way to get around that pesky Facebook algorithm.

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What to Post Where on Facebook - Facebook Group vs Facebook Business Page