Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

Need some Mother’s Day marketing ideas? This post is for you.

Mother’s Day 2018 is on Sunday, May 13. For many businesses Mother’s Day creates a nice bump in sales in the spring. Even if you are not a restaurant hosting a Mother’s Day brunch or you don’t sell beautiful flower arrangements for mom, with a little planning you can position your product or service as the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Mother’s Day is right up there with Christmas and back-to-school season for shopping so it’s important to have a solid Mother’s Day marketing in place just like you would have a holiday marketing campaign or strategy.

In this blog post we’ll walk you through a Mother’s Day sales strategy for your business.

Decide on your promotions

You don’t have to create deep discounts for a Mother’s Day sale or promotion, after all people are willing to spend money to give mom her best day on Mother’s Day. It just takes a little creativity to put together a special Mother’s Day package or promotion. Some Mother’s Day sale or promotion ideas:

• Offer free gift wrap or Pinterest-worthy packaging.
• Put together some of your best sellers or customer favorites as a special Mother’s Day package.
• Run a last minute special offering a discount to those procrastinators.
• Free shipping is always a great incentive.
• Run a BOGO deal. Buy one for mom, get one for you deal!

Once you decide on your promotion or promotions for Mother’s Day you can start to market your Mother’s Day deals.

Create anticipation

Now that you’ve decided on your promotions you’ll want to plan a campaign to build anticipation around your Mother’s Day sale. Think about creating some teaser posts for social media and sending emails to your list to create some excitement around your upcoming Mother’s Day deal.

Show customer appreciation

Your existing customer base and those already on your email list are going to be the easiest to convert for Mother’s Day sales. Think about it, they are already familiar with you and your products so they will likely be very receptive to a Mother’s Day sale and the opportunity to buy for their mom (or themselves) at a special price. Consider giving them a sneak preview and/or the opportunity to purchase before you open the sale to everyone, just like Nordstrom does with their Anniversary Sale.

Create urgency

When you create your Mother’s Day offers make sure to create urgency that encourages your customers to act. Create limited time pricing or even a packaged deal or freebie that expires after a certain time period.

Offer convenience

Fifty percent of Mother’s Day shoppers wait until the last minute, so think of ways that you can help it be less hectic for your customers. Offer delivery or pickup times if you can. You can also remind your customers of the little gifts that they may be forgetting for the other moms in their lives. Could you incorporate your product into a crafty gift or packaging that makes things a little more personalized? These types of items are also great for last minute and impulse buys which consumers are more likely to make when shopping last minute.

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