How to Use Stock Photography in Your Business

“Why do I need stock photography?”

“Can’t I just use my own photos?”

“Stock photography doesn’t match my brand colors or feature my products, so why should I use it.”

These are some of the questions that I often get from business owners who are new to the idea of using stock photography in their business. Coming from an agency background I was used clients large and small using stock photography so it seemed like second nature to me. Even the Fortune 500 clients I worked with use stock photography!

Photos are such an important part of your online image and as a small business owner myself I know that it’s difficult to budget time and money to take beautiful photos for your business. Especially when it’s so important to constantly be creating content for your social media channels! Even if you do a branded photography session often you will quickly run out of photo options if you are posting on social media every day.
So here are a few ways to use stock photography in your business.

Social media

Social media is the obvious way to use stock photography. We recommend posting on each of your social media channels at least once a day. That means if you are on two channels you need 10 – 14 different photos EVERY WEEK! Here are some examples that we’ve used on Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories and Pinterest.

Facebook header:

Facebook post:


Instagram Stories:

Your website

People visit your website before they decide to buy from you, so you must put your best foot forward. Using stock photography that fits into your brand look and feel is a great way to keep your website, your landing pages and your opt-in pages looking professional.

Opt-in Example:

Your blog

We recommend that our students blog at least once a week. Images are important in blog posts, in fact, articles and blog posts that use images get 94% percent more total views. 94%!!! That is a game-changing number.

Blog post header example:

These are just a few ways to use stock photography for your business, but the possibilities are truly endless.

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