nb&ns was created to help professional women, entrepreneurs and small business owners successfully market themselves online to support their families financially while having the flexibility that modern families need.

We want to help women be successful so they can support their families in every way.

Hi, we’re Nina & Neil

We’re recovering advertising agency professionals that have taken the strategies and knowledge that we’ve used to help grow multi-million dollar businesses, and boiled them down to easy, actionable steps that you can use to grow your business and experience the freedom you’ve always wanted.


Fresh photos. Clever captions. Smart Strategies. Every Month.

  • • Save time. Every month we deliver 30 days of content right to you.

  • • Discover how to post online with intention and strategy.

  • • Solidify your brand online with a consistent presence and content that converts.

How can we help you today?

What our students say

"The strategies that Nina and Neil teach have helped me grow my business. When I first started my business, I was frustrated and felt like I was putting stuff out there and no one was interested. I’ve since learned who my ideal client is, and how to sell without selling by telling a story about my business and my products. Because of Nina and Neil my business has come really far and I’ve been able to consistently bring in new clients and new team members. I recommend Nina and Neil’s courses and groups to anyone in direct sales who wants to authentically grow their business."


"As a busy mom of young kids I don't have a lot of time for training. I am so glad I found The Facebook Formula for DS Success. Not only were the modules clear and concise, but they have actionable steps. No more trying to figure out what my next course of action is. Nina & Neil are approachable and knowledgeable. I've learned so much about marketing, brand awareness and social media in a short time from them."


"This course has really given me what I need to turn my brand into a real business. The strategies that I’ve learned have made me much more confident, and I feel more like a business owner than just a distributor. There are plenty of other courses out there, but having direct access to Nina and Neil to ask questions has really made all the difference in moving forward with the strategies that I’ve learned in the course. There is so much to learn about marketing your business on Facebook, but Nina and Neil have broken everything down in a way that is easy to understand and have given me the tools that I need to grow my business quickly."


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